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ISACS Member - Spraoi
ISACS Member - Spraoi

Focus on Audiences 

There is much developments happening in the world of research, data and statistics currently. And the arts are not exempt from such analysis. Recently ISACS attended the Focus on Audience event coordinated by Arts Audiences Ireland  at Dublin Castle, where we learnt about many tools which are being used to quantify arts attendance and the data that is created there from.

One particularly interesting tool has been created by the All Ireland Research Observatory  AIRO. Working together with the Central Statistics office they have developed a mapping tool for the island of Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and every regional and local authority across the island. This tool can analyse the age profile, gender, socio economic background, nationality and more about the population living anywhere in Ireland and this can be used to help you to identify your audience.

You can find links to some of the other research and materials which were presented on the day here.

Or read this interesting blog about the day, by Dr Niamh NicGhabhann, based in the University of Limerick, here.
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Arts Council research 'Third Spaces'

As part of its strategy development, the Arts Council recently engaged Pathfinder/Bricolage to carry out qualitative research into perceptions of the arts with small groups around Ireland. The insights from this exercise they found surprising, challenging, encouraging and compelling. 

Small groups of members of the public from different age profiles and socio economic backgrounds were engaged and asked to discuss 'What is Art?'

The objective was 'to determine how to increase public engagement in the Arts'. The type of questions, answers and responses received, outlined the many different barriers to engaging with the arts, as well as what people want to gain from engaging with the arts. Many people outlined a lack of confidence in crossing into perceived traditional 'arts spaces' with many explaining how art which appears in a variety of locations such as car parks, fields, streets etc, gives a permission to engage in 'high art'. These spaces have been termed 'Third Spaces' and are the kind of spaces where the Street Artists, the Circus Artists and the Spectacle Artists present work.

Some key recommendations emerged from this study which included the following:

  • Make Arts Council decisions more transparent

  • Encourage more locally accessible art projects

  • Grow excellence in arts

  • Develop more community and socially engaged projects

  • Encourage young talent

  • Explore people's creativity

  • Root the arts in the community

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NEST at Tralee 2014

[gallery link="file" ids="1582,1548,1586,1585,1584,1583,1568,1577,1560,1601,1580,1552,1551,1555,1554,1553,1556,1559"]

What an amazing weekend we had at the National Circus Festival of Ireland, Tralee. This was the final instalment of the 2014 NEST programme and all our NESTers presented their work in Pearse Park, Tralee. Lulu's World opened the show, followed by Alex Allison and all wrapped up beautifully by Réalta Productions. The sun shone, the crowds came and the artists performed. Big thanks to all the NEST partners- ISACSWaterford Spraoi and Con Horgan. Photos courtesy of Paul Woods;
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'Share' 2014

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What a fantastic session we had with everyone who came along to 'Share', hosted by ISACS at the National Circus Festival of Ireland, Tralee.
Big thanks to Darragh Mc Loughlin and Cormac Mohally, who treated us to a little glimpse of how they arrived where they are now and what  steps they took along the way.
Thank you also to Kath Gorman who presented ISACS first ever piece of audience research for the sector and explained why it is so important that we keep on gathering data for future evidence and case building.
A massive thank you to TV Honan who hosted a very informative discussion on how we want to respond as a group to the recent issuing of Bye Laws for street performers from Dublin City Council and of course to the ISACS chairperson Ulla Hokkanen who kept us all on track and made sure that everyone had a chance to speak.
Finally a massive thank you to all of you who came, who shared and who was really inspiring to have so many people there, with so much to say and so much to share. We really appreciate your thoughts and generosity. See you at the next event in Limerick on 11th February!
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Dublin City Council Draft document-'Control of Street Performers Bye Laws '

Dublin City Council proposes to make ‘Control of Street Performers Bye Laws’.

The bye-laws are designed to encourage quality street performance in the City in a manner consistent with the overall public interest.

Dublin City Council will consider any submissions in relation to the Draft Control of Street Performers Bye Laws which are submitted in writing to Dublin City Council, Culture Recreation & Amenity Department, Block 4, Floor 0, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 or by email to before 12.00 noon 19th December 2014.

ISACS will present its initial submission to this document on Friday 14th November in Tralee at the National Circus Festival of Ireland. Please read the full document here and bring all your constructive thoughts and feedback to Tralee.

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Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network

Irish Theatre Institute, 17 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
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